UNI Teacher Education Program Improvement Board April 25, 2014

UNI Teacher Education Program Improvement Board
April 25, 2014
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Presidential Room Maucker Union (10:00 AM- Noon)
Introductions and Greetings
A. Logistics and Paperwork for the meeting
B. The Charge of the Committee
C. Overview of the day
Collaboration (In order to prepare for PLCs)
A. Expectations for Level 1 and Level 2
1. Bar too low for reflection on teaching
2. Not much involved beyond observing.
D. Overview of Field Experience—Becky/Curt/Lynn D.
1. What could improve these experiences?
Break (11:00 AM)
A. Year Round Student Teaching
B. Classroom Management and Reading at the Secondary Level
C. Review of current State Initiatives
1. What should we keep?
2. What should we add?
Lunch @ Piazza (Noon-1:00 PM)
Schindler Education Center (SEC) Room 303 (1:00 -3:00 PM)
Final Evaluations
A. Praxis II
B. edTPA—Lyn or Terri
C. If you were to choose, which one would you advise?
Break (2:00 PM)
Current Hiring Practices
A. What are the key things our students need to be able to do so you hire them?
B. What are other skills our students should have in order to become leaders?
C. Teach.iowa website application
D. FIT survey
E. Other ways you narrow down applications?
Professional Sequence Questions
A. What aspects of Learning and Instruction should we be teaching?
B. What aspects of Classroom Assessment should we be teaching?
C. What aspects of Human Relations should we be teaching?
Goals for fall meeting
A. Is there a course or two you would like to look closer at in the fall?
B. Date—November 15?