09/24/2014 03:30pm – FNSBSLW Department Meeting FNBSLW Department meeting minutes

09/24/2014 03:30pm – FNSBSLW Department Meeting
Wednesday, September 24, 2014
3:30 pm
FNBSLW Department meeting minutes
Steve Fan
Arjan Premti
X Gene Toboyek
Rashiqa Kamal
X Linda Reid
Curt Weber
Pascal Létourneau
Jonathan Saffold
X Linda Yu
Hamid Moini
X Amy Verbos
Yuan Yuan
Scott Opsal
X Joel Schleusner
Jianzhou Zhu
Peggy Kuchan
Scott Morris
James Harris
(X : Present, P: over phone, La : Late arrival, Le : Leave before the end)
Meeting started at 3:30 pm.
1. Went over the minutes of the previous meeting that took place on 09/17/2014. The minutes
(Rashiqa/Curt) were approved by the faculty members.
2. Hamid explained the situation behind his request to have his teaching load reduced to 50%.
Curt/Rashiqa moved to reopen the topic for discussion:
a. Hamid will continue to advise students when he is in the U.S.
b. Faculty members consulted the Faculty Handbook regarding unpaid leaves.
c. The motion to approve Hamid’s load reduction passed unanimously.
3. Curt/Rashiqa moved to adjourn the meeting and it was approved.
Meeting was adjourned at 3:48 pm.