Building Consistency Meeting

Building Consistency Meeting
Date: 4/24/2006
Recorder: Danny Wooten, minutes prepared by: Jeff Griffin
Staff present: Gene Morton; Danny Wooten; Harold Sinclair; Steve Kellen; David
Morton; George Rogers; Walt Nash; Randy Newman; Mark Wyte; Jeff Rudisill; Ron
Dishman; Wally Bumgarner; Walt Nash; Sarah Kelly; Eddie Prince
Public present: Frank Burke (Grimmer-Kempf & Assoc); David Schwiemon (Public);
Bob Mckee (Ryan Homes); Chad Nelson (Shea Homes); Wayne Carter (Evergreen
Homebuilders); Shawn Polakiewicz (Saussy Burbank); Bob Otto (R.E. Otto & SonsNARI); Dennis Goglio (KB Homes); Dan Turcic (CP Morgan); Billy Bradley (D.R.
Horton); Tommy Crowell (Saussy-Burbank); Jim Brodnik (Mattamy Homes); Jeff
Dotson/Aaron Ringel (Eastwood Homes); Daniel Mcbride (Cunnane Group); Chris
Inglehart/Doug Mclaughlin (Salins Group); Harry Mullis/Ryan Mcgee (Mcgee Bros.);
Steven Brusko (McCar Homes); Dan McCahan (MI Homes); Sean Cartwright (Portrait
Homes); Craig Jones (Vicus Bldrs); Bill Green (Barefoot & Co.); Dave Reynolds
(Bldrs 1st Source).
Attic pull
down stairs in
This issue was reviewed again related to when we started enforcing the
opening protection in garages for pull down stairs. Effective on April 1,
2006 all houses that request a final inspection will have to protect these
openings as listed in Section R309.1. Alternates can be allowed and a
formal interpretation is listed on with options
currently available. One additional item has been brought up in regards
to fire retardant treated plywood used for covering openings. 1 pull
down stair manufacturer has submitted information (Marwin) with fire
testing data and this application will be allowed as well. Information in
regards to this product will be shown at the next consistency meeting.
Spray foam
insulation and
sealed attics
Concern has been raised about installation of foam to the underside of
roof decks and the sealed attic installation. The code has been changed
and is in effect now that allows for this application, see attached Code
language. Additional concern that has come up has to do with section
R318 and the thermal protection requirement; this was not changed in
the Code. Any foam product used for sealed attic application must meet
all the provisions of the new Code including R318 or installation must
adhere to the products ICC evaluation report.
Caulking of
vinyl siding
Sealed crawl
Issue was brought up about areas that need caulking related to vinyl
siding installation. The question was more specific to J-channel up
against the window and if it needs to be caulked. It is important that all
penetrations, openings and areas of potential water entry be properly
caulked to meet the requirement that exterior walls provide the building
with a weather resistant wall envelope as listed in Section R703. Jchannel butted up against window frames should be caulked as well as
cable/phone, AC lines and the like.
This continues to be a major problem in the field by having the
foundation covered with poly and insulation applied prior to a
foundation inspection by field inspector. If the foundation floor and
walls are covered prior to foundation approval/inspection then all of
poly and insulation will have to be removed so that proper inspection
can be performed on foundation. Please make sure that if a sealed crawl
space is used that foundation inspection has taken place before calling
waterproofing/sealed crawl space subcontractor.
Issue has come up about installation of floor framing prior to
foundation inspection. Some other jurisdictions do require the joists to
be installed when foundation inspection request is made. Mecklenburg
County requires the foundation to be inspected before any framing is
installed. Complete framing will be conducted after all framing has been
done and all trades are roughed in.
Slab insulation
Question was asked about removal of the perimeter slab insulation and
if this has been approved. Currently that is out for public comments
related to the next Code 2006 and has not had final Building Code
Council approval. Currently it is still required or a REScheck is needed.
Next meeting is on May 3rd, Ed Woods room, 1st floor at 8:00am, 700 N. Tryon St.
(Significant information about Code changes will be announced at next meeting)