Building Consistency Meeting Old Business

Building Consistency Meeting
Date 12/01/2010 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Melanie Sellers/Lon McSwain
Staff present: On File
Public present: Wayne Carter (Life Style Homes); Jason Whitner (Southern
Traditions Homes);
Section 1011.1
Section 1017.3
Section 1210.1
Section 1013.3
Section 308.5
New Roof
Cable Guard
Plan review needs to check for location of directional exit signs on
plans. Warehouses with high pile storage or high racks have been a
problem in the field.
If two or more exits are required they must be located as required by
sect. 1015.2.1 and sect. 1015.2.2. care must be taken so that even if the
exits are located as required from the room or space, that the paths do
not converge and become closer than allowed by the above sections.
Check to make sure dead ends longer than allowed by 1017.3 do not
occur in warehouses and other rack storage.
A 6” base would not be required if the entire wall surface is painted
with an epoxy paint and a water proof sealant is used at the joint of the
wall and floor.
Cable guards shall not allow the passage of a 4” sphere. Use reasonable
force when checking the deflection of the cables and measuring the gap.
.EJ’s must be submitted on the forms that can be found on our web site
along with the instructions for filing them. They will come to the CA for
approval and then be distributed to the designer , contractor, inspector
and records. They cannot be transferred form on job to another and must
be based on an approved tested design.
Nurseries in churches shall be classified as an I-4 but can be classified
as an E if they meet the exception under 308.5.2. However it then
cannot be taken one step further under 508.3.1 and be classified as an
A-3 and remove the exterior door requirement.
Any new roof load added to a building shall be addressed be the
designer of record.
DOI has not issued an interpretation on the force to be applied to the 4”
sphere. Inspectors should reasonable force when testing the cables for
compliance. Something equal to 50#.
Approved By ___Lon Mcswain_________ Date _______12/09/2010_______________