Sing the Jingle to win an iPad! Summer ThunderSTorm

Season is Here.
Turn Around, Don’t Drown.
Your Car is Not a Boat!
Sing the Jingle
to win an iPad!
You may wonder why Storm Water Services wants to
reward someone singing something so silly when the
topic is so serious.
We’ve found that our catchy little tune has a way of
getting stuck in your head. And when that happens,
the message is also more likely to stick.
Nationwide, most flood deaths happen in vehicles.
Preaching the message of Turn Around, Don’t Drown
in a solemn, somber way may be more fitting. But you
might not remember it. Especially when you have to
make a split-second decision behind the wheel.
So even if it sounds a bit silly, what matters most is
getting people to remember the message—and we
figured if people have to sing along with it to enter
a contest to win a prize, remembering the life-saving
message will come naturally.
Visit for contest details and more information!