What's in the box?

What's in the box?
 passive RFID bracelets/cards/tags (of some sort)/// per patron
o the customer would constantly be buying these items, since they will most
likely be disposable. Would this really be something that's in the box?
Perhaps an initial amount of tags
 RFID gates (quantity uncertain, or more specifically, varies for each customer,
depending on # of rides, amount of information collection requested by each park)
(IE gates at just the rides, and/or shops, eating establishments, shows, etc.)
 RFID pos devices (this is dependent upon whether or not the cashless spending
system would be chosen by the customer for implementation.)
 Networking equipment to facilitate communication of all necessary equipment
(note: most likely there is some sort of network already in place at the
parks/resorts, depending upon issues such as bandwidth or lack of infrastructure,
we would most likely, or in most cases, be integrating into the existing network
equipment) So this is “potentially” in the box, if not already existent in the park?
 RFID location/information kiosks (again, quantity uncertain due to varying size of
parks). Amount would most likely initially begin small and as usage data were
analyzed, additional kiosks could be added if needed.
 Computer Equipment: (tentatively/ depending upon needs, server loads,
redundancy requirements, etc.)
o RFID server(s) managing RFID events and RFID services
o Applications server(s) managing the web based interface (if applicable)
and the thrill tracker application (itinerary, thrill pass, other premium
o Database cluster for data management and storage.
 Software packages based on customer requirements:
o Available software packages:
 Thrill Pass
 Itinerary
 Data Tracking (varying levels)
 Cashless spending
 Restricted access control (?)-like hotel room key for resorts
 Staff/asset management
 Route planning (mapping) (?)
 Commercial/Advertising
 Reservations/Web based services