Name ___________________! ! Heat Conducting Material Date ___________________!

Name ___________________!
Date ___________________!
Heat Conducting Material
Lesson Outline
Directions: Fill in the blank space as you hear the answer.
1. All heat is _______________________.
2. A metal wire is place in a fire. The wire begins to warm up from the heat
from the fire because of __________________.
3. Heat can move from one object to another, or from one molecule to
another through the process of ___________________.
4. As one ___________________ is heated it begins to move
5. When the molecule heats up, it __________________ some of its heat
energy to other molecules around it.
6. When the molecule gets the heat, all the molecules of an object move
____________________ from one to another, until they are all hot.
7. Metal and copper are _____________________ because they take in
heat quickly.
8. Wood, plastics, and cotton are not good ___________________of heat
energy. They are called _____________________.
9. Some colors are good _______________ of heat. ________________
colors take in heat quickly.
10.Wearing white or light colored clothing outside helps you stay
_____________ on hot days!