Study Guide Test Chapters 1-3

AP Biology Study Guide Chapter 1-3
Chapter 1
1. What is a theory?
a. What can be done to strengthen a theory?
2. Describe some characteristics of good science.
3. Determine the elements of a good experiment.
4. Given a problem design an experiment, including the variables, control, constants,
and writing a clear hypothesis.
Chapter 2
1. What are hydrogen bonds?
2. Describe the properties of water.
3. How does water travel up plant stems (xylem)?
4. Why would 2 H atoms in 2 water molecules be attracted to one another?
Chapter 3
1. What determines the reactivity of an organic molecule?
2. Describe condensation and hydrolysis reactions.
3. What molecules do plants use to store excess carbohydrates?
4. What molecule do animal use to store excess carbohydrates?
5. Where is cellulose found?
6. Which type of lipid is the main component of cell membranes?
7. Describe the 4 levels of protein structure.
8. Describe the result of protein denaturation (be specific – what bonds will break,
what happens to the molecule?)