Pathfinder Project Happisburgh Liaison Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pathfinder Project
Happisburgh Liaison Group
At Larksfield, Hall Farm
@ 7pm
4 January 2011
Glenn Berry, David Mole, George Siely, Jim Whiteside, Jane
Rob Goodliffe, Rob Young
Apologies: Cubitt Siely, Jack Hall
The meeting was arranged to update on project progress and discuss cliff top
enhancement project.
Actions arising from meeting
Following discussions around the landscaping and layout plan
of the proposed car park, it was suggested that an earth bund
between the driveway to the car park and the adjacent property
may be a good idea to preserve privacy and reduce vehicle
Gather feedback on this at open evening on 10 Jan and amend
as necessary
RG to contact 70 Beach Road to check that they had received
the correspondence from NNDC and Bruton Knowles regarding
the offer to purchase.
Rob Young
Rob Goodliffe
Comments from Meeting
Agreed minutes of last meeting.
Positive feeling locally about the Heritage Project and the planned publication of
a book detailing Happisburgh’s history.
Some concern has been raised about the potential relocation of the Caravan
Park by the school. RY has contacted the school to offer a meeting to discuss
the project, there will be an opportunity for public consultation during any
planning applications and during their preparation.
The budget available for the Beach Road Houses ‘buy to demolish’ project was
queried. It was stated that the budget was adequate for the proposed scheme.
It was pointed out that the triangle of grass at the Beach Road junction was part
of the village landscape and it would be a shame to see it removed. This would
only be necessary if the car park increased in size and/or there was a public
wish for this junction to be improved. This will be considered at the open
evening of the 10 January.
Jim Whiteside reiterated the expression of interest from Coastwatch to relocate
the lookout to the car park/cliff top at Beach Road and the possible assistance of
the organisation in managing and looking after the new facilities.
It was reported that a suggestion had been made by a member of the public to
allow horses to use the ramp to access the beach. This could be looked into at
a later date once the car park and ramp are established.
It was noted that the car park may not generate its expected income in the first
year as people will need time to get to know that it is there. It may be possible to
provide supplementary revenue funds to help cover costs in the first year or so.
It was noted that there will be Parish Council elections in May and this cause
may changes to the membership of the Liaison Group.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on 28 February 7pm at Glenn Berry’s which will precede the
next Parish Council Meeting of the 7 March.
Should there be need for another meeting in the interim, this will be arranged at
shorter notice.