Pathfinder Project Happisburgh Liaison Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pathfinder Project
Happisburgh Liaison Group
At Larksfield, Hall Farm
@ 7pm
6 September 2010
Glenn Berry David Mole, George Siely, Jane Archer, Rob Goodliffe,
Rob Young, Jim Whiteside, Cubitt Siely
Apologies: Jack Hall
The meeting was arranged to update on project progress and discuss the Beach
Debris Removal Project.
Actions arising from meeting
The group will publicise that NNDC will be at the Parish Council
meeting on the 13 September to present the beach debris
removal project and update the Parish on project progress.
Liaison Group
Comments from Meeting
An assessment into the removal of beach debris and the affect this may have on
erosion is underway. It was recognised by the group that as a consequence of
the removal of beach debris erosion rates may increase. The assessment when
complete will be made available to the group.
It was suggested that there may be an opportunity to salvage some materials
from the beach and from any property demolition for use with an arts scheme.
This was agreed, but NNDC are not currently in a situation to manage the arts
scheme and this should be co-ordinated by a group formally set up supported by
the Parish and if part of Pathfinder the Project Board.
Any debris required by the arts project could be set aside and stored if required
and if the Coastal Team is informed of the requirements this can be planned into
any activity. The arts project would for the time being be outside the Pathfinder,
but as discussed before may be able to be incorporated at a later stage.
The approach of the Beach Road houses project was explained and discussed.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Monday 1 November 7pm at Glenn Berry’s which will
precede the next Parish Council Meeting of the 8 November.
Should there be need for another meeting in the interim, this will be arranged at
shorter notice.