Pathfinder Project Happisburgh Liaison Group -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pathfinder Project
Happisburgh Liaison Group
At Larksfield, Hall Farm
@ 7pm
10 May 2010
Glenn Berry Jack Hall, Cubitt Siely, Jim Whiteside, George Siely,
Rob Goodliffe.
Apologies: David Mole
The meeting was arranged to feedback the information gathered at the open day on
the 24 April and update the Liaison Group on the project progress.
Query if there was any safety work on the Happisburgh Beach
planned to be completed before the summer
Query as to whether there could be a beach clean up organised
(either through the parish or NNDC). This could maintain the
momentum of the communities involvement as there is no other
direct contact planned at present. Information to be provided to
Glen Berry prior to the next Parish Council meeting.
Article following the Open day in the local newsletters
Rob Goodliffe to supply pdf. copies of the Open day feedback
report to Jim Whiteside and Glenn Berry to enable inclusion in
the parish website and for circulation for the parish council.
NNDC Pathfinder officer request to attend the Happisburgh
Parish Council meeting of the 12 July if required.
Glenn Berry will raise the concern about no female members on
the liaison group at the Parish Council meeting and ask if there
were any suggestions for female members. Other members of
the Liaison Group will also think about if there are any other
Raise at the Parish Council Meeting the management of the car
park, toilets and cliff top area and if the Parish would like to
involved in the long term management.
Brian Farrow
Rob Goodliffe
Rob Goodliffe
Glenn Berry
Glenn Berry
8 Feedback was given on queries from the meeting of the 19 April 2010.
9 The open day at Happisburgh was discussed and the result and feedback report
was read.
10 If NNDC need to discuss any issue/idea with the Coastguard, it is also useful to
also contact the Head Office in Southampton.
11 The RNLI only use the old lifeboat shed to sell souvenirs as all other functions
have moved to the new station at Cart Gap. They intend to continue selling
souvenirs from the old shed as long as possible as it does raise considerable
funds. There are no current plans to relocate to cart gap.
12 There was general agreement that all the Happisburgh projects hinge on the
outcome and success of the Beach Road houses project. If it is possible to
reuse the land in which the properties purchased and demolished are located for
a car park, it may save a sum of money. There was a general feeling that
although no overall preference for the location of the car park and toilets was
met at the open day, one towards the end of Beach Road would be most
It was asked what the size of the car park would be. Rob Goodliffe stated that it
would be of a similar size to the existing car park. The group said it would need
to be slightly bigger to enable a turning area (which may alleviate the issue of
cars getting stuck at the end of Beach Road).
It was generally agreed that the proposed location of the new beach access was
good (into the bay)
There will need to be discussions around the future management of the car park,
toilets and cliff top area. NNDC, the Parish Council or a joint approach could be
The inclusion of an art project was raised at the open day. The group feels that
it is important to stay focused on the core elements of the projects at this stage.
However, should another source of funding be available for a piece of artwork to
be included towards the end of the enhancement scheme, which does not
deflect resources from the core aims, it may be of benefit.
The Coastwatch lookout relocation request was discussed. The project board
said that if an appropriate piece of land was available as part of the
enhancement scheme it could be considered for relocation. Jim Whiteside said
that the important thing was that the land was secured to enable the lookout to
be maintained in that location and rolled back as the coast recedes. Ideally he
would like to see it at Cart Gap, however the land suggested does not belong to
NNDC and is managed by the Environment Agency.
The land adjacent to the car park was discussed; this was a concern of many
local people who attended the open day. NNDC are planning a course of action
to find a way to resolve the issue.
Manor Farm project was discussed and it was agreed that if it was possible and
the owner agreed, a two stage project of spreading the existing park as it is lost
and a longer term relocation was a good idea.
Rob Goodliffe informed the group that Bruton Knowles had been appointed as
an independent property advisor to be involved in the property purchase
projects. They are first writing a Property Acquisition Policy to enable the
Council to purchase properties and also a methodology in the approach to the
twelve Beach Road property owners. In the next few weeks they will be
contacting the Beach Road owners in the demolition and relocation project and
arranging times to carry out initial valuations of no risk market value and current
market value. This valuation is just a starting point.
The Heritage Open day was highlighted and Heritage newsletters distributed.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Monday 5 July at 7pm.