I would like to thank the folks at the Florida Department of Education who were very
helpful in securing data for me. I received assistance from numerous people across several
organizations, but I would like to thank a few by name: John Watson, Ruth Jones, Gene
Tanner, Martha Miller, and Ed Croft. I would also like to thank the California CSR
evaluation team who all have been very helpful. As the RAND leader of the California
CSR Evaluation Brian Stecher has provided both support and some great ideas. Cassie
Guarino, Marion Eaton and Roger Levin all made invaluable contributions in preparing
parts of the data used in this analysis. Those who read drafts of my work improved it
greatly, and hold no responsibility for its shortcomings: Michele Welsing and Amy
Childs. I would like to thank my outside reader Larry Picus, and my committee: Dominic
J. Brewer, Al Williams and Robert Lempert. Finally I would like to thank all of my
teachers, both in school and out of school who have made my life rich and interesting.