UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK Notes from the Athena Network Group Held on

Notes from the Athena Network Group
Held on
Tuesday 9 January 2014
Sue Burrows, Oliver Cooper, Alexandra Cristea, Ann Dixon, Amy Hanson, Jen
Henderson, Wilfrid Kendall, Claire Martin, Charlotte Moonan, Naila Rabbani,
Alison Rodgers, James Smith, Charikleia Tzanakou, Annie Young
Sandra Beaufoy, Mia Khan, Laura Green, Sunita Palmer, Nav Patel, Julia
Smith, Sandy Sparks, Annie Young
Matters arising
REPORTED: (A Rodgers)
That Gareth Bennett from WBS will attend the next meeting to present the WBS
work load framework.
ESRC Project Progress
RECEIVED: (C Tzanakou)
That the Ethics Committee has commented on the proposal to hold focus
groups for the next part of the research. Agreement has been given, so the
focus groups will be organised soon.
The date for the workshop will be 5/6 June 2014. Nancy Rothwell has agreed
to be the key note speaker, and the rest of the programme will be finalised
The Department of Computer Science has a PhD student interested in the
Shadowing Proposal
REPORTED: (by A Rodger)
Progress is being made.
Demystifying Promotion Event
REPORTED: (by A Rodger)
The demystifying promotion event has been organised for Thursday 13 th March
2014, 12:00 – 15:00 hrs.
REPORTED: (by S Burrows)
That it would be good to have a poster promoting the event.
Progress on Departmental Action Plans
REPORTED BY: (Wilfrid Kendall)
The action plan is continuing to progress, but there is nothing further to
REPORTED BY: (Sue Burrows)
That their JUNO Championship status has been renewed, but the
department is still awaiting to hear with regard to their Athena Silver
That the department had been advised to consider if there is any
gender imbalance in degree classifications.
Warwick Medical School
REPORTED: (by Naila Rabbani)
(a) That the Welfare and Communications Group continues to meet monthy
and the Dean usually attends.
(b) The Action Plan progress is good.
(c) The School is currently focusing on Bullying and Harassment.
Computer Science
REPORTED BY: (Alexandra Cristea)
(a) That the Head of Department is now a member of the Departmental
Athena Group.
(b) Alexandra has sat on an Athena SWAN Panel.
(c) The January meeting of the Group focused on student data.
(d) Undergraduate students will be surveyed to understand if the curriculum
alienates women.
REPORTED BY: (Claire Martin)
(a) Staff with Athena Action Plan responsibilities have been emailed to
provide an up-date on progress.
(b) Katherine Branch is 50% working on REF panels.
(c) The department is currently facing a challenge to get gender/admissions
Life Sciences
REPORTED: (by Charlotte Moonan)
(a) Orkun Soyer will now be chairing the Life Sciences Athena Group.
(b) Charlotte Moonan has replaced Rebecca Freeman on the group.
(c) There is a possibility of Life Sciences submitting for a Silver award in
November 2014.
REPORTED: (by Amy Hanson)
Due to a significant number of staff changes, the Bronze Action Plan is just
beginning to be moved forward. Timescales will be amended accordingly.
Any Other Business
REPORTED: (by Sandra Beaufoy)
That Sharon Neal from Learning and Development will be leaving Warwick
and will be replaced on the Athena Network Group by Sandy Sparks.
Sandy Sparks will also be responsible for managaging the Vitae Hub
Coordinator, Kate Mahoney. Kate is due to go on Maternity leave and her
post will be covered by Lisa Lavender.
That Warwick was invited to submit a Case Study to Vitae on Researcher
development post-Roberts funding.
Research active staff provision continues with addition this term of
researchers presenting their stats for half an hour as part of the Statistics
workshop provision, staring on 16 January 2014.
That Sandra Beaufoy will be meeting Gaynor Sharp, who is a STEMM
Ambassador for Coventry and Warwickshire Schools to talk about Warwick’s
Athena work and outreach activities.
Date for next meeting
The date of the next meeting is Friday 7th February 2014 at 12:00 hrs in the MOAC
meeting room.