UNIVERSITY OF WARWICK Notes from the Athena Network Group Held on Friday 7

Notes from the Athena Network Group
Held on
Friday 7th March 2014
Sandra Beaufoy, Katherine Branch, Sue Burrows, Alexandra Cristea, Ann
Dixon, Jen Henderson, Mia Khan, Claire Martin, Charlotte Moonan, Sunita
Palmer, Ewart Shaw, James Smith, Sandy Sparks, Charikleia Tzanakou
Liz Blagrove, Oliver Cooper, Suzanne Evans, Vanessa Goodship, Wilfrid
Kendall, Nav Patel, Naila Rabbani, Alison Rodgers, Julia Smith, Orkun Soyer,
Annie Young
Matters arising
No matters arising
ESRC Project Progress
RECEIVED: (C Tzanakou)
That work with the focus groups was about to begin.
The group were asked to consider and comment on the following questions:
As a result of attending these Network meetings, what have you
found that is different in your department compared to other
Considering that the critical transition stages are in postdoc level and
after this, what do you think is the biggest challenge in your
Based on the challenges identified, which suggestions would you
make to meet this challenge? Should it be at departmental or
university level?
In terms of assessment of action plans, have you found assessment
tools that work and do not work?
Demystifying Promotion Event
REPORTED: (by S Beaufoy)
The demystifying promotion event has been organised for Thursday 13 th March
2014, 12:00 – 15:00 hrs in MOAC. There are approximately 46 members of staff
registered for the sessions.
Progress on Departmental Action Plans
REPORTED: (by E Shaw)
The action plan is continuing to progress, and will be discussed in depth at a
senior management meeting, so there will be more to report at the next
meeting. One area that is being investigated is mentoring for staff not on
REPORTED: (by S Burrows)
That Physics are still waiting to hear if their Athena Silver Renewal
submission has been successful.
That during the recruitment process, any post that has a single gender
shortlist will need approval from the Head of Department.
That Physics will be celebrating International Women’s Day by a series
of presentations on Tuesday 11 March 2014.
Warwick Medical School
REPORTED: (by S Palmer)
(a) That the Welfare and Communications Group continues to meet monthy.
(b) Exit questionnaire review and online solution / WMS Leavers Checklist
Review and update.
(c) Maternity Checklist Review and amendments / new senior manager
maternity form – leaving/return mothers (Dean or representative to
conduct meetings).
(d) WMS Induction Checklist review and update.
(e) Focus group with senior academics in partnership with Charikleia
(f) Proposal of an event - “Celebration of Women in Science & Medicine” –
theme to be confirmed – invitation to be sent to schools.
(g) That WMS hopes to go for Gold in April 2015 – a national survey to be
conducted – topic to be discussed and confirmed.
Computer Science
REPORTED BY: (A Cristea)
(a) That the department is currently drafting the submission and are using
their meetings to focus on particular areas of the data collection.
REPORTED: (by K Branch)
(a) The department is still finding it a challenge to get gender/admissions
(b) That due to lack of resources, it was difficult to get someone to take
responsibility for ensuring the actions are progressed.
Life Sciences
REPORTED: (by C Moonan)
(a) The action plan is progessing quite well.
(b) There is a possibility of Life Sciences submitting for a Silver award in
November 2014.
REPORTED: (by M Khan)
(a) That Psychology has been focussing on student satisfaction and other
activities – some of which feature on the Action Plan.
(b) Although progress is being made, the department has decided to submit
for their Silver award in November 2014.
Warwick Business School
REPORTED: (by J Henderson)
(a) That WBS is working on it’s GEM submission and is utilizing some of the
best practice identified by STEMM departments.
Any Other Business
REPORTED: (by Sandy Sparks)
That the Learning and Development Centre offers a variety of personal and
professional training sessions to research active staff.
That all the funding available for Staff Networks has now been used up for
this budget year.
Date for next meeting
The date of the next meeting is Monday 7th April 2014 at 12:00 hrs in the MOAC
meeting room.