Homer`s The Odyssey: Book I

Homer’s The Odyssey: Book I
(Allen Mandelbaum, translator)
At the very beginning, what does the narrator ask for and from whom? (All proper epic
poetry begins this way)
Term to be defined in class: in medias res - ____________________________________
What do we learn about…
Calypso –
Poseidon –
Where is the setting of our tale, beginning on page 4?
What overall favor does Athena ask of Zeus?
Where is she headed by p. 6 and WHY?
Telemachus and his troublesome situation –
Mentes –
Penelope –
Staring on p. 12, Athena gives specific advice to Telemachus. First, what should he do
first tomorrow?__________________________________________________________
And then what____________________________________________________________
Identify (not just by family):
Antinous –
Eurymachus –
Eurycleia –
To be defined in class – Homeric Epithets:____________________________________
What is Odysseus’ epithet?
What other patterns keep repeating or seem important?
What parts confused you or do you have ?’s about?