Clarification of the roles of the associate deans, executive deans... review. Keith will take this to a joint senate/administration... Dean’s Council Wednesday September 4, 2013

Dean’s Council
Wednesday September 4, 2013
12:30 - 1:30
Annotated Agenda:
1. Program Review Process (attachments):
Clarification of the roles of the associate deans, executive deans and faculty in program
review. Keith will take this to a joint senate/administration meeting. The intent is to
remove administrative duties from faculty, allowing them to focus primarily on teaching
and assessment; to improve the consistency of program review submissions and resource
requests, and ensuring the process informs decision making, planning and moving the
institution forward.
The Associate deans will initiate writing the program reviews, in collaboration with all
faculty and area staff.
There was further discussion on making the process smoother and eliminating duplication
(e.g. faculty requests).
Program reviews will be submitted between 10/15 and 10/31; by 11/15 faculty requests
will be prioritized by the associate deans and divisions and forwarded to first Jeff, then
the faculty prioritization committee via Crislyn. A date will be determined for the faculty
prioritization prior to fall finals.
2. Spring Schedule Timeline:
Per attachment. The timeline shows spring schedule milestones and will be ready for
release on WebAdvisor for student viewing by October 18, and priority registration
which occurs November 4th - 8th.
3. Items to Reinforce in Weekly Updates:
Keith will add several key dates to his weekly updates; including reminding faculty that
FY 2013 assessments must be completed by September 15, 2013.
4. Other/Future Agenda Items:
Other items:
It was decided to hold off on offering classes at Garberville, until the spring semester,
since it will not be available prior to October 20th.
Regarding requests for additional seating in the new buildings: the classrooms are at the
legal limit and we are unable to order additional furniture.
Except for exceptional circumstances, CR is not offering stipend/reassign time. The chain
is faculty to associate dean, to Jeff and Keith.
Discussion on the course substitution and challenge processes.
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