Deans’ Council Meeting February 4, 2016

Deans’ Council Meeting
February 4, 2016
Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, E. Saiff, S. Perry, A. Lorenz, S. Rice, E. Siecke, C.
The meeting opened with discussion of Modifications of Degree Requirements Policy and
Procedure. David Nast, as director of OSS, will be invited to a future Deans Council meeting
to discuss different types of accommodation and an overview of why they’re necessary.
Unit Plans
L. Siecke presented her Library plan and the Bond Grant.
She reviewed plans for full, partial and non-funding of the Library.
The library did receive funding for a security gate.
Other Updates:
Outreach – new hires in Reference Instruction and Outreach Programs and staff shifts
in Collections.
The Grant Thornton firm did a study on the Library but the results are not yet available.
The Library website has been reworked.
Extended Hours have been put into place.
Have transferred smoothly to a new library system.
C. Romano reviewed IPEDS data for potential new programs.
Unit Priorities for new programs:
Exploring new Masters in Biotechnology – with a possible launch date of 2018.
Exploring a Physical Therapy program but early studies show that startup will be very
Hoping to develop a Professional Science Masters – a multidisciplinary program involving
both STEM and Business programs.
Proposed developing a program in Public Relations and Advertising .
The MALS Program may be changing to a five year program with a possible title change. At
the earliest fall 2018. New people will be involved in this program making it more
Also working on plans for a generic liberal arts degree completion program.
Other areas to be considered are:
Philosophy Major
Public Policy Major
Certificate Programs with CIPL:
Archeological field school
Translation certificate program
Humanities essentials for Accounting students.
B. Barnett asked for deans program priorities to be submitted in advance of the February 18
deans council meeting.
Traveling for Teaching and Learning money is still available
Adjunct Professional Development funds still available for spring 2016.
Academic Advisement Council Survey
C. Romano presented the survey created by Amanda Beecher and the Advisement Council.
There was a good faculty representation.
Over 50% are from those who have been here 10 years or less.
Faculty do not feel the current degree evaluation is very helpful in advisement.
Suggestions offered for better degree evaluation program.