Deans’ Council Meeting December 17, 2015

Deans’ Council Meeting
December 17, 2015
Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, E. Saiff, S. Perry, L. Chakrin, A. Lorenz, S. Rice, L. Siecke
C. Romano. Invited Guest: President Mercer.
Potential New Programs
President Mercer spoke about programmatic change and innovation; issues in enrollment and
curriculum and Graduate Programs.
Provost Barnett spoke about looking to capitalize on areas of strengths and interests.
Each school dean then presented his or her ideas about possible programs that could be
developed – either through the school itself or by pairing with another school or program.
C. Romano presented ideas for growing current undergraduate programs over the next three
E. Daffron reminded the deans of both internal and external timelines for program approval.