Academic Affairs Retreat Deans’ Reports January 22, 2013 **********

Academic Affairs Retreat
Deans’ Reports
January 22, 2013
Attendees: Deans’ Chakrin, Perry, Rosenberg, Saiff, Siecke, Professor Steve Rice, C. Romano, B. Barnett
and E. Daffron.
B. Barnett opened the meeting by reviewing the draft College Strategic Plan for 2013-2018.
There was discussion of CEC. It was emphasized that CEC suggestions should not be sent out as a global
email to faculty.
R. Brown, from Student Development, has been posting CEC activities to the Org.sync site. E. Daffron
will talk to R. Brown about faculty utilizing these options.
Online Courses
Online course offering should be increased in summer and winter.
Students are moving away from taking summer classes; this is a nationwide trend.
ASB is focused on a new method of delivering online courses – called MOOC. Massively Open Online
courses. 2.2 million students are enrolled right now. Twenty two million has been invested in this start
Discussion about implementing and using the MOOC concept for recruitment purposes, and the future
of higher education.
Ramapo needs an actual plan for online education. E. Daffron suggested a committee or taskforce to
help steer the plan.
There was a suggestion to redesigned the College website. C. Romano is working on having the website
redesigned and has submitted a SPIFF request for funding.
B. Barnett approved putting together a task force to review external experiential learning. She will work
with E. Daffron to draft a charge for the committee.
Creating a Culture of Advisement – All students who have entered in fall 2011 will have a mandatory
advisement session with a faculty advisor in their 6th semester. This is a good time in a students
academic life to bring them back on track academically if needed.
It is important to have a shared goal between advisement (in CAFFYE) and faculty.
A plan is being developed to further engage and develop adjuncts.
Discussion on having a workshop for all adjuncts at some point during the year.
E. Saiff suggested online grading as one of the topics for tutoring adjuncts.
Online Orientation or evening orientation may be needed along with the orientation that is run in late
summer by L. Perez-Strumolo.
Appointment, reappointment and promotion evaluation.
Discussion on Faculty service and reward that can be used to recognize and reward service..
Steve Rice to draft a charge for a task force on assessment of service and recognition and rewards for
exemplary service.
Reappointment letters and process review. S. Perry to discuss process and criteria with J. Jeney .
Need to increase academic rigor will be discussed in a future deans council meeting.
B. Barnett asked deans to talk about school’s accomplishments this year and school plans for future
years for future deans council meeting.