Dean’s Council Meeting Held: April 26, 2012


Dean’s Council Meeting

Held: April 26, 2012

Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, L. Siecke, L. Chakrin, S. Perry, E. Saiff, H. Nejad, S.

Rosenberg, C. Romano.

Instructional Design Center –

B. Barnett opened the meeting by asking G. Tabback to talk about a potential opening in the

Instructional Design Center. S. Massimo will be leaving the center to go back to a full-time faculty position. Her position supports and trains faculty on delivering courses online. FRC deals with course content and how best to present information and format.

There was a question about the skills and knowledge that would be required for the position.

G. Tabback suggested launching a search for a faculty member who has taught online, has some hands on experience, and who has used the tools that are available in media instruction.

ITS and instructional design staff can always back up the person who would head this position.

S. Perry suggested opening the search to all faculty.

Discussion on whether to search for a full-time staff person for this position or to identify a regular faculty member who would be compensated by reassigned time for one course each regular semester plus a stipend.

B. Barnett will talk to cabinet about replacing the position.

Faculty will require authorization from their dean before they actually apply for the position.

Only applications that have been signed off by the deans will be accepted for consideration.

Individual faculty members can not apply without the dean’s approval.

Deans’ Job Description –

Current job description for deans was reviewed and discussion ensued on role of deans and fundraising and how much deans are to be involved.

Suggestions on wording changes and deletions.

C. Romano to draft enrollment section and send to B. Barnett for inclusion in description.

S. Perry suggested being specific with the recruitment portion and include that in job description.

B. Barnett stressed that corrections be sent to her as soon as possible to be incorporated and sent to the SSAIS Search Committee to use for an internal job ad.

Starting Sept 3 applications will be accepted from any internal applicants that wish to be considered for the position. The search committee will review the applications. If they decide

there are no compelling candidates they will inform the provost and president that they wish to have an external search.

TAS Deans’ Search has been failed. E. Saiff has been appointed for one additional year. Once

AIS search has been completed concentration will move to TAS search.

Graduation Update – B. Goldstein gave an update on commencement activities.

Transportation possibilities and expected times and attendance were reviewed.

Strategic Planning – S. Perry – the subcommittee reviewed the recommendations of Middle

States and prioritized what should be included in the development of the strategic plan.

Honors Convocation – S. Perry suggested that the Sharp Theatre be used for this event if it were held closer to graduation. The only inconvenience could be the stairs. He also felt that the faculty-student research awards needed more of a description.

Student Engagement for Sophomore or 2 nd Year Students – B. Barnett asked deans to give consideration to developing a school-based activity.