Deans’ Council Meeting August 21, 2014

Deans’ Council Meeting
August 21, 2014
Attendees: B. Barnett, E. Daffron, S. Rosenberg, E. Saiff, S. Rice, L. Chakrin, S. Perry. L.
Siecke. Invited guest: David Vernon – HR.
Background Checks
D. Vernon, Director of Human Resources reviewed the policy and procedure for background
checks and degree verifications for adjuncts.
Since 2003 the college has had a policy that all employees must sign a release form in order to
have their background checked.
Some questions were raised about the report which notes information on “Mode of Living,
Character and personal reputation. Concerns were voiced about wording and verification.
A Dean asked to see the standard language for this type of form.
Language suggestions were offered to make content more current for today’s environment.
D. Vernon stated that HR could assist deans with educational verification of adjuncts if their
offices have a backlog of adjunct degree verifications to complete. SSHS indicated a need for
support on this task.
B. Barnett will talk with C. Naporano and D. Echols Tobe about updates to administrative
Welcome Week and Advisement
C. Romano - reviewed welcome week activities which started Sunday August 31 for all
freshman and transfer students. This year there is an effort to have all transfer students living
together in the same residence hall.
Suggestion to have name tags for everyone at the school receptions, including faculty, staff,
and students and encourage faculty to talk to students.
Sophomore mandatory advisement will take place fall 2014.
Transfer students will be folded into the mandatory advisement schedule taking place in the
Advising Council
Standards put forward by the Advising Council were created to support the move towards
faculty doing more advising
The Provost noted that these have her endorsement and she will be working with Employee
Relations to work on criteria for evaluating these standards.
Deans Council also endorsed the advisor’s responsibilities.
Suggestions made to bring in another system for students degree evaluation, such as “Degree
Works”. A Taskforce will need to review this possibility.
The goal is to get new software to replace CAP or the degree audit for fall 16 when the new
General Education curriculum may go into place. A SPIF request can be placed for this and
must go through the SPIFF process.
Other Updates
Convener Updates and Procedures – Deans must email the provost for approval of new
conveners or appointees.
The Provost stressed that adjuncts cannot teach three courses – otherwise they would, under
federal interpretation, become eligible for health benefits under the new healthcare law.
Weave reports for 2013/14 must be in by August 31.