SharePoint Form Editing Procedure Outline

SharePoint Form Editing Procedure Outline
Editing of forms must be done from Internet Explorer and InfoPath must be installed on your computer.
1. Navigate to the site containing the list and form you wish to edit and sign in using the “Sign In” link on the upper
right-hand corner of the page.
 If using IE and a campus computer, you may be signed in automatically via single sign on.
2. From the “Site Actions” menu, select “View All Site Content”.
3. From the Site Content view, select the list that is associated with the form you wish to edit.
4. From the SharePoint ribbon, select the “List” tab and then click “Customize Form” to open the form in InfoPath.
5. Make desired changes to form using InfoPath.
6. In InfoPath, press the “Quick Publish” button to save the form to the SharePoint server.
7. Close InfoPath.
Form Test Procedure
8. In your browser, navigate to the form submission page and submit a set of test data.
9. Repeat steps 1-3 to navigate to the list inside of SharePoint
10. Find your test submission and place a check mark in its check box along the left-hand side of the data and ensure
that no other items are selected (checked).
11. From the SharePoint ribbon, select the “Items” tab and click “Delete Items” to remove the selected test
submission data from the list.