News From Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Miller

News From Mrs. Rowe and Mr. Miller
This week we completed the first of 6 AIR tests. On Tuesday and
Wednesday, students completed Parts 1 and 2 of the Language Arts State
Assessment. They will take two parts of Math and two parts of Science On
April 26-29 (in just over a week).
Between testing, we have been busy in the classrooms with additional
learning opportunities. Please take a look below at some of what we did.
As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email us.
Mrs. Angela Rowe & Mr. Dave Miller
April 15, 2016
Reading & Writing Workshop
In reading workshop, students had time to
independently read and work on their personal
reading goals. We also started to think about a
reading project to show what we have learned this
school year. Students are working on creating the
specific project elements. We will be continuing
Math Workshop
In math workshop we finished up our
unit on data collection and
different forms of graphing.
Next week will begin a unit on
classifying plane figures.
this work next week.
In writing workshop, we have been working in small
groups to put together a unique
argumentative/opinion writing project. Some
groups are hard at work on writing scripts that will
be used in skits or commercials. Other groups are
working hard at designing billboards to get their
opinions across and defend a counter argument in
the process.
Word Study
This week in word study we started a new Greek
and Latin root unit on Phobe and Phobia (meaning
people with the fear or fear of). The test for this
unit will take place next week on Tuesday.
Social Studies
In Social Studies, we wrapped up
our unit on explorers with an
explorer matrix. Next week will shift
back to a unit in Science with a
focus on the solar system.
Important Dates to Know
April 21: Family Night, No Homework
April 25-29: Book Fair
April 26-27: Math State Tests
April 28-29: Science State Tests
April 28: Related Arts Night 5:30-7:00pm
June 3: Field Trip to DCRC @ 9:45am
June 6: Celebration/Clap Out @ 2:00pm