AP 4240 Academic Renewal

AP 4240 Academic Renewal
Title 5 Sections 55044, 55046
Students may petition to have their academic record reviewed for academic
renewal of substandard academic performance under the following conditions:
1. Students must have achieved a grade point average of 2.4 in 24 units
or 3.0 in 12 units in a combination of transfer coursework and/or Taft
College coursework since the substandard work; and
2. At least three years must have elapsed from the time the course work
to be removed was completed.
Up to two semesters or three quarters of course work may be eliminated from
consideration in the cumulative grade point average. No work taken during the
disregarded terms, even if satisfactory, may apply toward the Associate Degree.
Academic renewal actions are irreversible.
The student obtains the Academic Renewal Petition form in the Counseling
Center or from the Student Resources page of the College website.
No part of the regulations and procedures shall conflict with (a) Education Code,
Section 76224, pertaining to the finality of grades assigned by instructors, and (b)
Chapter 2.5 of Division of Title 5 (commencing with Section 59020), pertaining to
the retention and destruction of records, and particularly Section 59023 (c)
relating to the permanency of certain student records.
Date of Implementation: