August Newsletter

August 22, 2015
Re: 2016 Membership Newsletter No. 2
Fellow Legionnaires,
The 2016 membership year has started and we have received our goal from National which
has been set at 48,000 which is 1,000 less than last year. I have broken down the goal into
county and post goals and distributed those at our committee meeting in Trenton on Saturday
the 15th. They have also been posted on the department web site The web site has been enhanced and
now the membership page contains various reports including goals, the weekly charts,
monthly results compared to goal and renewal progress. In addition we have posted general
and detail membership aides and support documents.
Included in this package (and found on the membership page under membership documents)
are the direct renewal schedule which includes the dates national sends the email notice and
the direct mail notice, ( the 1st drop for July has been completed). The next document is the
renewal cutoff dates which lists the date National generates their mailing lists on, which
means that if they have not received the renewal from Department the member will get a 2 nd
notice and so on. So plan to get your cards to Trenton the week before. The last attachment
is the targets and dates set by national for us, it would be great to be able to exceed each
target this year as last year we did up to the 90% target.
Due to budget issues and cuts we will not offer any lotteries this year but will continue to
recognize posts meeting goals, etc. with certificates and Commander Babli’s pin.
As part of our goal setting with National, we made modifications to our 5 year plan and one of
those modifications is request that the County Commander, DEC and membership chair
conduct a Post Responsibility Audit on all posts that ended 2015 with less than 50 members.
We’ve asked that these be completed and the results brought to the December
DEC/Committee meeting so we can discuss.
We also committed to doing a National sponsored revitalization in the following counties
Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Hudson and will do Department sponsored
revitalizations in Cape May, Bergen, Monmouth and Ocean.
Again please take a look at the membership page on the Department web site as it has been updated so that all of the data I provide will be available
directly on the page as well as the weekly membership charts. So check out the page and
bookmark it for future use.
Again, I’d like to point out that there are many tools available online to help you form a
membership team and to work on growing membership and retention of existing members.
The most important of these tools is that every post and county should be
using. There have been enhancements made to the tools available on both the Post and
District/County sites.
On the post site the new report feature is the ability to print labels directly from
In addition the find members in my area report has been enhanced to include a CSV (excel)
rather than just PDF format.
On the District/County site a new report feature is the ability to generate the find members in
my area by post in excel format for those posts not currently using
I have added to the membership page under membership documents the following
presentations provided at the membership work shop that will help explain the above reports
and also a strategy on increasing renewals and finding new members, these can be found
under membership documents section.
If you need help obtaining a login or need training please let you’re District Membership
Chairman or myself know and we would be glad to help. For other membership guides, etc.
go to
As always you can reach out to me at any time, 201-368-3453 (home) and
201-270-8711 (cell).
Bob Salvini
Department Membership Chairman