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Mrs. Graham (T.H.E 4th Grade MUSTANGS)


Week Ending October 16, 2015

Next Week...


~Identify the key features of and write a cinquain poem.

~Write a news article about a T.H.E. event.

~Use facts and details from a story to support a conclusion.

~Identify singular, plural, and irregular nouns.

~Change singular nouns to plural and irregular plural nouns (and vice versa).

~Use knowledge of prefixes -dis, -re, and -non to determine the meaning of unknown words.

~Spell words with -ar and -or correctly.

Next Week...


~Add and subtract whole numbers mentally.

~Round whole numbers to estimate differences.

~Add whole numbers to the hundred thousands with and without regrouping.


--Light and Sound Energy

--Design energy experiments.


--5 Themes of Geography

FRINDLE by Andrew Clements

Your child should have a brief summary of our Read-Aloud, Frindle by Andrew Clements, in this section of our newsletter.

On the Calendar

~Field Trip to MSU for the Lexington Children's

Theater Production of Where the Red Fern

Grows is Monday, October 19.

~Brain Drawings (completed, filled out, and signed) due to Mrs. Heaberlin by October 28.

~Fall/Halloween Party is Friday, October 30.

(Robotics W 10/22 and M 10/26.)


~Report Card (please sign and return)

~KPREP and MAP Scores Reports

~Reading & Math Home Connection Letters

~Front Row Math Info Letter

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