Physics 313: Lecture 22 Wednesday, 11/12/08

Physics 313: Lecture 22
Wednesday, 11/12/08
Assignment 6 is now available, it is the next to last
Please start working on your project this week.
Sections 7.1 and 7.3, skip 7.3.4
Next read intro to Chapter 9 and Section 9.2
If there is time, I will say something about convective
instabilities, Section 10.1.
Last class day is officially Tuesday, November 25. Ok
to hold all class presentations on Mon, Nov 24 and Tue
Nov 25? Last official lecture will then be Nov 19.
Today's Topics
Finish Chapter 6:
Phase diffusion equation from 1d amp eq
Nonlinear phase diffusion equation far from onset.
Chapter 7
2d amplitude equation
Stability balloon
Superimposed stripes: competition between lattices
Experimental Test of Phase Diffusion Near
Onset of Convection
Experiment Versus Theory
for Linear Phase Diffusion
Wave number Selection:
Theory Vs Experiment
Rotating Spiral Driven
By Wave Number Competition