Cultural Geography Exam
Definition/Short Answer (5 pt each):
1. Please define the concepts of race and ethnicity:
2. Define and provide an example one of the three types of culture traits
(artifacts, mentifacts, sociofacts):
3. Please define and provide an example of a Functional Culture Region:
4. Please define and give an example of cultural diffusion:
5. Provide at least 2 examples of barriers to cultural diffusion:
6. Give an example of explicit culture and an example of implicit culture.
7. What are the three factors of population growth? Discuss a reason why
population changes at different rates in different countries.
8. Provide 2 examples of push factors and 2 examples of pull factors for
Essay (10 pts)
9. Pick a recent print article from the news and write a brief (300 words)
analysis of what is going on from the perspective of cultural geography.
Please use at least 3 terms we have discussed in class.