Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop
SW 3311: Human Behavior and the Social Environment: Systems
2010-11: This year, an increased emphasis was made on interpreting research and
using a critical eye when considering research results. New assigned readings were
added, class discussions added, and new online quiz questions that more specifically
addressed interpreting research results. These changes were made because of the
results of the SBS assessment items (provided by the SBS committee), which
indicated that students weren’t very good at interpreting research results.
2011-12: This year, in class writing exercises were added that asked students to
demonstrate understanding of social issues and human behavior, allowing for
another opportunity for discussion of ideas and increase comprehension of
material. This was a continuing effort to improve outcomes on SBS assessment
items. Additionally, ‘learning modules’ were added to the BlackBoard course site
with the intent of helping students keep track of what they should be studying at
any particular time, with links to needed materials and assignments. This was done
as a result of student feedback.
2012-13: This year, an increased emphasis on either citizen action or social policy
(depending on instructor) was made in the course. This change was made as result
of the instructor’s impression that students continued to have difficulty thinking
beyond individual action or formal programming to create societal change or
address social issues.
SW 1300: The Why and How of Social Services
This course was taught for the first time in fall 2012. It was written and planned
particularly to address the new core requirements. No significant changes were
made between fall 2012 and spring 2013 as a result of assessment.