Faculty Travel Award Program

Faculty Travel Award Program 2013-2014
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
The goal of the Faculty Travel Award Program in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
is to provide modest enhancements to departmental faculty member financial support for
university business travel, subject to the availability of funding. Each faculty member is only
eligible for one travel award per fiscal year. This document outlines the process and criteria for
selection in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Given the availability of funding, awards for travel will typically be in the $100 - $500 range.
Decisions on travel awards will be based on these criteria:
1. Travel that expands the faculty member’s scholarly work or instructional agenda,
including attending relevant conferences.
2. Faculty presenting papers or posters at conferences (domestic or international). Priority
will be given to faculty whose scholarly activity involves students, particularly those
whose papers/posters include student co-authors.
Funds are not available to support a faculty member’s sabbatical or research unless the other
criteria are applicable.
For FY 2014, applications and supporting documents for travel in an upcoming quarter
should be submitted to the SBS Dean’s Office by:
September 6, November 1, February 7, May 2
Faculty should apply for travel funding prior to the anticipated dates of travel. Funding can be
encumbered if trips are tentative. Faculty Travel Funding Applications can be obtained in the
dean’s office, academic departments or online at http://nau.edu/SBS/Faculty-Staff-Resources/
under Faculty Travel.
Applicants for support from the Faculty Travel Award Program must:
Complete the SBS Travel application form, including the budget and information on
financial support from the department, school, or other sources.
The form must be signed by the department chair
Explain in a brief memo to Dean Wright how the request fits the criteria outlined above.
Provide documentation of acceptance of the paper/abstract or other role within the
conference as applicable. (Or evidence of submission/attendance if acceptance decisions
have not been made by the deadline).
Deliver completed applications to:
Mary Anderson
SBS Dean’s Office, Rm. 200
Box 15700
For more information, please contact:
[email protected]
Telephone: (928)523-5886
Incomplete applications will be returned and not considered.