Report for SBSRI support
This report must be received within 14 days of the end of the funding period and can be sent via
email to [email protected] Attach to the report below an updated CV with products of
the award highlighted (e.g., external proposals such as fellowship or grant applications, publications,
presentations, larger studies, database, model).
Please provide the following information within two pages.
SBS unit
E-mail address
Award number and proposal title
Expenditure of grant funds:
Budget categories
Proposed budget
Actual budget
1. Personnel: supplemental comp.
student wages
2. Operations
3. Travel
4. Equipment
Total amount requested/spent
1. Describe the information gained through the funded activities. Did you achieve the expected
goals? If not, why not?
2. What benefits were derived through SBSRI funding? Will you apply for future SBSRI grants?
3. Plans for seeking additional funding related to this project. Give specific funding source (e.g., T32
at National Institute of Aging), target amount, and use of funding.
Report for SBSRI Support
revised 19-Jun-2013