Chabot College Fall 2010 English 117 - Learning Skills: Reading


Chabot College Fall 2010

Course Outline for English 117


Catalog Description:

English 117 - Learning Skills: Reading

(May be repeated 1 time) 4 units

Reading to develop decoding, vocabulary and comprehension skills. Use of specialized techniques developed especially for students with learning disabilities. Includes reading comprehension strategies and vocabulary development, and other compensatory strategies. Designed for students with learning disabilities. Strongly Recommended: English 116. 4 hours.

[Typical contact hours: 70]

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for Students:

Upon completion of the course the students will be able to:

1. visually recognize new and familiar words using a multi-sensory approach;

2. demonstrate increased reading vocabulary;

3. demonstrate increased reading comprehension;

4. write summaries and response paragraphs to short articles;

5. articulate and demonstrate which reading and compensatory strategies work for them.

Course Content:

1. Review basic grammar

2. Review thesis, topic sentence and major details comprehension

3. Intensive vocabulary development

4. Read, summarize and write responses to articles

Methods of Presentation:

1. Lecture

2. Small groups

3. Class discussion

4. Electronic reading devices

5. Adaptive Computer programs

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Students Progress:

1. Typical Assignments a. Read a 2-4 page article. Write a summary outline and a summery of the article.

2. Methods of Evaluating Student Progress a. Written summaries of and responses to readings b. Tests and quizzes c. Class participation d. Final examination

Textbook(s) (Typical):

Essential Reading Skills

, Kathleen T. McWhorter, 2007

English 117 handout packet, 2008

Special Student Materials:

None dk 11/10/09 curriculum 0910