Chabot College Fall 2010 English 118A - Learning Skills: Reading/Writing


Chabot College Fall 2010

Course Outline for English 118A


Catalog Description:

English 118A - Learning Skills: Reading/Writing

(May be repeated 1 time)

3 units

Strategies to develop college writing skills with an emphasis on developing reading comprehension strategies, summarizing and writing responses to the readings. Includes compensatory strategies. Designed for students with learning disabilities to improve reading and writing skills. Strongly Recommended: English 116. 3 hours.

[Typical contact hours: 52.5]

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for Students:

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

1. write summaries and response paragraphs;

2. demonstrate improvement in reading vocabulary based on standardized tests;

3. demonstrate improvement in reading comprehension based on standardized tests;

4. articulate and demonstrate reading and compensatory strategies that work for them such as books on tape and specific prewriting techniques.

Course Content:

1. Review developmental reading strategies such as SQ3R adapted for learning disabilities

2. Review thesis and topic sentences comprehension

3. Intensive vocabulary development

4. Read, summarize and write responses to readings

Methods of Presentation:

1. Lecture

2. Small groups

3. Videos

4. Books on tape

5. Computer

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Students Progress


1. Typical Assignments a. After reading the following paragraph, in the space provided, write the word/phrase that best completes each statement that follows (Identifying supporting details unit) b. Many transitions have similar meanings and can sometimes be used interchangeably.

Match each transition in Column A with a similar transition in Column B. (What are transitions unit)

2. Methods of Evaluating Students Progress a. Written summaries of and responses to readings b. 500 word essays c. Tests and quizzes d. Class participation e. Standardized pre- and post tests for reading vocabulary and comprehension f. Final examination

Textbook(s) (Typical):

Guide to College Reading

, Kathleen T. McWhorter, 2007

Special Student Materials:

None dk 10/14/09 curriculum 0910