Statute 6.4 – Admission to Degrees Honoris Causa    

 Statute 6.4 – Admission to Degrees Honoris Causa Made by the Monash University Council Version incorporating amendments as at 17 February2012 1. With the approval of the Academic Board, the Council may admit honoris causa to any degree of the university any person, whether or not a graduate of a university, in recognition of his or her distinguished contribution to some branch of learning or to the arts or distinguished service to the public. 2. No fees shall be payable for admission to the degree. 3. The degree when thus conferred shall bear the designation in the abbreviated form as set out in Statute 6.1.2 prefixed by the abbreviation ‘Hon.’. 4. The Council may make regulations for or with respect to any matter or thing necessary, expedient or permitted to be prescribed for the purposes of this statute. End Notes 1. Table of amendments from 1 November 2011 (as incorporated into this version): Amendment Sections Amended Commencement Date (Promulgation) Statute 1.4 – University Regulations (No. 7 of 2011) Section 4 inserted 17 February 2012