Statute 9.2 – Election of Members of the Council    

 Statute 9.2 – Election of Members of the Council Made by the Monash University Council Version incorporating amendments as at 4 April 2012 1. Application 1.1 This statute applies to the election of staff and students to the Council for the purposes of sections 11(5)(a)‐(b) of the Act. 1.2 In this statute ‐ academic staff means teaching staff or research‐only staff; professor does not include a professor who is an ex‐officio member of the Council by virtue of the Act. 2. Staff members For the purposes of section 11(5)(a) of the Act, the three staff members of the Council must be elected as follows ‐ 2.1.1 one by and from the professors; 2.1.2 one by and from the academic staff other than the professors; and 2.1.3 one by and from the staff other than the academic staff or the professors. 3. Student members 3.1 For the purposes of the section 11(5)(b) of the Act, the two student members of the Council must be elected as follows ‐ 3.1.1 one by and from the graduate students; and 3.1.2 one by and from the undergraduate and diploma students. 3.2 4. In paragraph 3.1.1 graduate student includes a graduate or postgraduate diploma student. Regulations The Council may make regulations for or with respect to any matte or thing necessary, expedient or permitted to be prescribed for the purposes of this statute. Statute 9.2 – Election of Members of Council End Notes 1. Table of amendments from 1 November 2011 (as incorporated into this version): Amendment Sections Amended Commencement Date (Promulgation) Statute 1.4 – University Regulations (No. 7 of 2011) Section 4 inserted 17 February 2012 Miscellaneous Statute Revisions (Amendment) (No. 11 of 2011) Sections 1‐3 4 April 2012 Page|2