In an increasingly sophisticated business environment, the fight for funding is getting
increasingly tight and competitive. The providers of funds, whether it be internal (within
the firms / businesses) or external (by external third parties such as banks, bondholders,
investors and so on), are becoming more critical when they evaluate business and
financial proposals.
It is therefore imperative to attempt to ensure that the business and financial proposals
prepared are as comprehensive as possible, one that hits the target as accurately as
possible. The needs of the target audience should be correctly addressed.
This course therefore seeks to assist participants to create a written document that
evaluates and outlines all aspects of the business and economic viability of a business
venture, project and plan, including a description and analysis of the firm’s business
Provide knowledge on how to create a written outline of a business case and
financial proposals that evaluate all aspects of business and economic viability
of a business proposal
Enable participants to devise, evaluate and implement a successful business
and financial proposal
Corporate planners, Directors, Business Managers & Executives and Any
other staff involved in the preparation of business and financial proposals.
Module 1: Business case and financial proposal essentials
Module 2: Overall process
Module 3: Strategic context
Module 4: Analysis and recommendation
Module 5: Justifications and recommendations
Module 6: Management and capacity
Module 7: Simple general structure / layout
Module 8: Key factors to a successful business case and
financial proposal
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