CS452: Learning Outcomes wrt Various Kinds of

CS705: Learning Outcomes
 Gain confidence by meeting increased expectations for quality research, publications, and
 Learn the secrets of success in CS scholarship.
 Be able to successfully conduct and disseminate scholarly work in computer science.
 Improve ability to
o read and evaluate CS literature,
o understand and use CS research paradigms,
o write research proposals, theses/dissertations, papers, and funding proposals,
o present CS research work, and
o evaluate the research work of others.
 Contemplate ideas fundamental to teaching in general and to CS in particular.
 As a CS researcher, learn the other half of your joblearn to write.
 Learn to write to learn.
Human Dimension:
 Assess self (interests & goals) within the CS research community
 Understand the human dimension of the CS research community
 Seek a spirit of togetherness in learning.
 Care about the quality of CS research.
Learning to Learn:
 Learn to ask questions (“seek and ye shall find”)
 Know and practice: explaining a concept to someone else results in clearer, long-lasting
 Know and practice: thinking well requires communicating  talking, writing, or doing so
that others can react to it.
 Know and practice how to be a strategic learner:
o Diligently pursue learning goals.
o Know that learning is largely under your control.
o Know when you do and do not understand.
o Know how to get help from learning material and from other people.
 Realize that a great thing about teaching is that there is always more to learn.