Get Connected 2015 X ITS Internet Access for Computers & Devices COMPUTERS, SMARTPHONES, & TABLETS: USE "EDUROAM" WIFI To connect your computer or mobile device to the "eduroam" wireless network at BC: 1.
Select the eduroam wireless network on your device. Windows Users: Click on the pop-­‐up that says, "Additional information is needed to connect to this network." Login when prompted: • [email protected] (don’t forget the • BC Password (same as used for Agora Portal) Select "I Agree," "Continue," or "Connect" on any certificate messages. 4.
• Mac: If prompted, enter your Mac administrative username and password. GAME CONSOLES & MEDIA PLAYERS: USE "BOSTONCOLLEGE" WIFI To connect your game console and media player to the "BostonCollege" wireless network, use a computer that is already on the BC network, and follow the steps at: TROUBLE CONNECTING? Restart your device. Many issues will be resolved by a restart. Windows Computers -­‐ Having trouble connecting? •
Connect to the "BostonCollege" wireless network > Go to and select "Download Windows Configuration Software." > Install the software and repeat steps 1-­‐4 above. Mac Computers -­‐ If you're getting disconnected, you may need to make eduroam your preferred wireless network: •
Click the Wi-­‐Fi icon in the menu bar > click Open Network Preferences > Select Wi-­‐Fi in the left pane > click Advanced > Under the Wi-­‐Fi tab, drag "eduroam" above "BostonCollege" in the list of preferred wireless networks. To learn more about the BC network, visit or call 617-­‐552-­‐HELP (4357). 
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