Gaps Identified Not Rated

GAPS identified Not Rated
- Portability for presenting.
- Chaplain on move to multiple class, large presentation space, PA system
- Wireless connection to – internet projector (2)
- Smart Board Roll out Plan
Training support
Tech support
Collegial support
Built in planning time during the day
Open Wifi
Student accountability
UAP flash
Digital citizenship
Teacher Desktops
Data Projectors
- Every teacher has access both at school and at home (through web access)
- LCD projector in every room (soon)
- Interactive projection devices
- Concept of digital hand-in process (virtual drop box)
- Outlook shared calendar
- Data Projectors (functional)
- Wireless – better coverage
- Tablets
Could have more lab space
Tablets free up lab
- IT support has been great
- “Main” computer labs work well for class use.
- Each teacher using an iPad in their classes.
- Teacher WiFi works well as of October.
- Data projectors in each teaching area.
- Mimio devices.
- Why? Allows for creativity of instruction, real time authentic learning.
- What is working?
- Printers….MORE!
- Communication we need to know the process for the “Lines of communication.”
- “Web Access” working properly
- Buffering – Access
- Difficult/Time consuming to set up classes on school connect * want easier way for students to hand in
- Functioning “hand-in folders” for students and teachers.
- Ability for instant communication between teacher/student
With regards to assign/discussions/projects/surveys/examples
- Portable Library Circulation – ease teacher access to resources – make TL more accessible to
Pursuit of partnerships with media/tech based business.
School website more functionality and access.
Exam generator not in French.
Access to hardware for each student that allows them to:
Record their voice on instrument
Keyboard (piano)
Time to train by having a device in each students’ hand.
Record and edit video/audio
Secure/storage/charging of class sets.
# of hardware devices that support the more niche software (music photography)
Trying to address creative/productive outcome compose and create.
Where the industry is digitally based, yet the students’ lack of access to the software/hardware does
not prepare them for industry.
Research/support finding apps/programs/videos, etc. that match up to curriculum.
Software Compatibility (App)
Completion of wireless hubs on our building to allow complete wireless access.
Document camera – Display Text, resources for classrooms.
Wait time for installation of needed software i.e. Video conversion software for CM.
Social media training for students/teachers.
CS3 media is 3 versions old.
CM software behind times.
Software availability for staff.
Getting away from the $1000 pencil (word processing)
Printing from tablet (students/teachers projects to be printed)
Challenges of using technology in Gyms.
Roll over seems inadequate have seen better video resource such as discovery.
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