Query by Form

Query by Form
You are able to query any field on any input screen.
The sample below is using the Equipment Inventory Entry screen:
Click the bull’s eye target icon near the top left of the input screen.
Notice the title of the form changes slightly:
Query by Form User Guide
You can now enter a value in any one of the fields on this form that will help you find the record you
need. Refer to the table below for the parameters available:
Equal To
Starting With
Ending With
Not Equal to
Greater than
Less than
No additional characters
For example, let’s search for any record with the word “Dell” in the description field:
Type: []Dell
After entering your search criteria, click the “Refresh” button to launch the search:
Query by Form User Guide
The first record that meets your search criteria will display. You will see on the title bar the number of
records that meet your search criteria.
This sample shows 30 records match the criteria:
Use the browse buttons to move between records:
If you didn’t get the results you wanted, click the “Clear” button then click the ”QBF” button to start a
new search:
Query by Form User Guide
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Query by Form User Guide
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