Slides - Spatial Database Group

Abdeltawab Hendawi
Abdulssalam Bannur
What is Query Processing with People?
 Found by Amazon
 It is a service allows users to post short tasks that other
users can receive a small amount of money for
 Tasks include:
Labeling images, Extracting some data, comparing
images and videos,…
What is Qurk?
A novel query processing system for allowing crowdpowered processing of relational databases.
Why Qurk?
In some applications, some relational operations require
humans interaction
such as:
1- Equijoin to identify equal items such as image or video
2- Sort many items based on their buyers reviews
Qurk System Diagram
Optimization in Qurk:
Is based on cost model that consists of
1- Cost, price for accomplishing a certian unit of task
2- Confidence, the number of turkers who must agree on
answer before it is used
3- Latency, the amount of time that the user is willing to
wait for task to complete
Query language:
Is written in SQL Like language
 Example:
Using the Qurk UDF language, the user defines isFlower
as the following task: