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Tell us about a specific success your school has achieved in their school environment. This success story
may be related to healthy eating, physical activity, safety, tobacco-free lifestyles, reproductive health or
another health topic.
Please complete this form for each separate success story and submit each separately. Do not combine
several success stories into one submission. There is no limit to the number of success stories your school
can submit and we encourage you to submit as many as you like.
Problem Overview:
1. Please briefly describe the main problem that you were faced with and tell why it was important to change.
Be sure to provide data to show support for the problem. Also, be certain to specify who was affected by the
issue at hand.
Program/Activity Description
2. Give a description of the activity or program. Include who was involved, where and when it took place, the
target audience of the program, and how the progress of the program was evaluated.
Program/Activity Outcomes:
3. Explain outcomes that proceeded the activity or program. Identify the short term, long term, or intermediate
outcomes that happened as a result of the program. In addition, provide a conclusion to the program as a whole.
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If you have answered all the questions above, please read the information below before you
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Not all success stories may be published. The WVDE-Office of Healthy Schools Success Story Team reserves the right
to selectively publish success stories.
Please double check the text of your success story text prior to clicking the button below to ensure it is free of typos or
other errors. You will not be able to change your success story after it is submitted. To review your success story, text
scroll up to #6 above, re-read your story and make any necessary edits. You may wish to write the story in a word
proccessor and paste it into the #6 textbox.
Attach any supplemental materials (photos, tools developed, etc.) with the submitted story.
If you have problems with submission, contact Linda Payne at (304) [email protected]
or Rick Deem at (866) [email protected]
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