February 2008 Maximum yield is what makes all tanners tick! BORRON

February 2008
Press Release
BORRON® DL – Effective lipase based degreasing agent for all beamhouse
Maximum yield is what makes all tanners tick!
With BORRON® DL TFL has launched a new tool to improve cutting yield by
boosting the effect of other special chemicals used in the beamhouse. This leads to
an improved lay-out and area yield without making grain or bellies loose.
The product is supporting the soaking effect and enhancing grease removal
especially from the grain. Leather produced with this lipase based degreasing agent
features a good uniformity of dyeing and retanning with defects hidden and with a
very good inner softness.
Treatment with BORRON® DL substantially optimises scud-loosening and hair
removal thus improving fine hair and hair root removal.
This lipolytic product is readily biodegradable and facilitates removal and degradation
of grease in the effluent treatment plant thus substantially reducing COD values.
For further information please contact Jan-Tiest Pelckmans, Product Marketing
Manager Wet-End:
+41 61 697 57 60
[email protected]