March 2008 Press Release

March 2008
Press Release
Special neutralizing and softening agent
Making floater type leathers now becomes easier with the newly launched
SELLASOL® BR-SF from TFL. Within a single product it offers good neutralisation
properties and a softening effect.
Compared to traditional synthetic neutralizing agents this product assists in obtaining
very soft and fluffy articles with an even milling break in a consistent way. In addition
it provides a deep and uniform neutralization.
SELLASOL® BR-SF contains a safety component to avoid chrome stains which
might occur at applications above pH 7. In addition it supports the even distribution of
retanning agents, fatliquors and dyes, leading to more uniformity and levelness of the
dyed crust.
For further information please contact Jan-Tiest Pelckmans, Product Marketing
Manager Wet-End:
+41 61 697 57 60