Discourse 300 Presentation Two ten-minute presentation

Discourse 300
Presentation Two
You are to create a ten-minute presentation that not only increases awareness about your
topic but also prompts action (i.e. what you focus on in part three of your research essay). Thus, a
significant portion of your speech should provide specific and detailed discussion about ways your
audience can take action through a variety of discourses. Your presentation can be intended for a
single or mixed audience, and your speech should recognizably engage rhetorically with your
intended audience. Potential audiences might be children, colleagues (e.g., your classmates or
coworkers), community members, elders, or decision makers (e.g. school/business/program
administrators; city, state, or national politicians; community leaders, etc.). If you’re not sure about
what kind of action to persuade your audience, think about the broader implications your topic has.
Do you want to advocate for social justice of some kind? More awareness of a certain topic?
Important details:
You will create a screen recording via Kaltura (a tool in Blackboard). Please see the attached
instructions on how to do this.
Your presentation should incorporate research and effective visual aids (e.g., a PowerPoint,
You will submit your PowerPoint/Prezi via our Blackboard assignment by the day your
presentation is due. (Your actual presentation/screen recording will be located in
Presentation Recordings)
If you include sound or video clips, they cannot exceed more than a minute in length.
Some things to take into consideration:
Your classmates and I will have a limited view of you/your presentation due to the nature of
this course. Make your presentation as visually interesting (but not distracting) as possible.
In addition to the grade I will assign, you will work in peer groups (as with your research
essay) to evaluate your presentations. This is to provide helpful, constructive feedback.
Don’t be afraid to make several practice presentations via Kaltura. You have the opportunity
to only share your final version, so make sure you play with the technology a bit to feel
comfortable with it. With this in mind, please make sure you limit your presentations to 10
minutes. Doing a test run should help you sort out if your presentation is too long.