Assignment: Judicial Name:

Assignment: Judicial
Using the material you have studied so far and conducting your own independent research respond to
the following:
1. Accurately cite one additional source that you used to complete your research.
2. What is the only court created by the Constitution?
3. In 3 to 4 sentences describe the differences between the state and federal court systems.
4. In 3 to 4 sentences describe the differences between civil and criminal cases.
5. What is the job of the appeals court?
6. What is the difference between the appellate court and an appeals court? Hint: trick question.
7. Briefly describe what it means if an appellate court affirms the case.
8. What is the definition of a bench trial?
9. If you lose the case in the trial court what are your possible options?
10. In your own words define the following terms from a judicial sense. That is, what needs to be
determined/decided by a judge in each case. NOTE: Your definitions need to include a basic
understanding of the issue appearing in court. For example, writing (when you owe people a
bunch of money) is NOT an okay definition of bankruptcy.
Securities and commodities regulation (Hint: securities and commodities are traded on the
stock market)
Class action
Habeas corpus