Name: Sam J. Ervin, IV Age: 58 Webpage: www

Name: Sam J. Ervin, IV
Age: 58
Occupation: Judge, NC Court of Appeals
Higher Education and Training: Davidson College; Harvard Law School
Background and experience:
Practiced law in my hometown of Morganton, 1981-1999; Member of Utilities Commission, 1999-2009;
Elected to Court of Appeals in 2008, on which I have served since taking office in 2009.
1.What unique personal and professional experiences prepare you for this judgeship?
Serving on the Utilities Commission and the Court of Appeals taught me that people should always be
treated equally under the law, that each case has real impact on people, and no judge should have a
political ax to grind.
2.Since it is now necessary to finance your campaign through contributions, how will you maintain judicial
Eliminating the state’s judicial financing program was a disservice to citizens and their judicial system. I
can promise only that I will strive every day to decide each case based only on the facts of the case and
the law.