ch 10 terms

AP US Government and Politics
Chapter 10 Learning Objectives
In general, after you finish reading and studying this chapter, you should understand the
 the Constitution and the creation of the federal judiciary-the Supreme Court by Article
III and the lower federal courts by Congress starting with the Judiciary Act of 1789
 the American legal system and the civil and criminal law
 the federal court system, its types, and jurisdiction
 how federal court judges are selected by presidential nomination and Senate review
and confirmation
 the operation and function of the Supreme Court today
 judicial philosophy and decision making: how judicial decisions are reached based legal
and extra-legal factors
 how judicial policies are made and implemented
Chapter 10 Term List
Judicial Review
Marbury v. Madison
Trial Courts
Appellate Courts
Original Jurisdiction
Appellate Jurisdiction
Stare Decisis
Senatorial Courtesy
Strict Constructionist
Writ of Certiorari
Rule of Four
Amicus Curiae
Judicial Restraint
Judicial Activism