Observation Notes Submitted by Marian Kolstoe Katie Shaw

Observation Notes
Submitted by Marian Kolstoe
Katie Shaw
March 25, 2009
Integrated II
Beginning of class activity – Notebook quiz (15 minutes)
5 questions listed – two were content specific and the others were an evaluation about the
class from last quarter (It is always excellent to solicit feedback from students. They
have a pretty good perspective and can be quite insightful.)
Agenda – Chapter review
Review – Students were placed into group by numbering off from 1-5 (random grouping)
They were then asked to go to white cart paper that was taped around the room to write
down everything they could remember about quadratic functions and parabolas. After a
couple of minutes students could use their notes and book to answer questions on the
bottom of the paper. Once questions were answered, they could return to their seats.
(I found it interesting how one student from each group quickly emerged as the
facilitator. Also, getting students up to do work in groups or at the board was successful
today – keep it up.)
I noticed that you were really trying to get many students to answer in class. You made it
a point to call on different students – nice work.
I also noted that you were working off you teacher notes – they were in your hand and it
appeared as if you had your problems worked. You seemed very confident while
reviewing the problems and you looked very natural with notes in your hand.
1. You mentioned that you had the test from yesterday graded and that it was on
pinnacle. Although you did not want to specifically go over the test, could you have
given a percentage breakdown of how well students did on the exam to give them a big
picture? Also, could you have talked about strong points and also concepts that need
additional work by the class as a whole?