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Tips for cat

A few guiding principles
* Do not waste time thinking about what should’ve been done, but think about the
consequences. The thing to be done now should cause the least/no damage, even if it
goes against some moral/ conventional doctrines. For eg. Letting a criminal go scot free if
the crime wasn’t intentional/he’s realized his mistake/he’ll contribute to society if he’s
not punished/ the reasons for committing the crime justified it or were for a good cause.
In a nutshell, he’ll contribute more to society by not being punished for his crime.
* Remember that there is no guarantee for anything in life. Hence it can be argued that
something exactly opposite to what you think and what made your opinion may happen.
However, you can argue that anything may happen in life and what we must do now is
the thing that seems more appropriate at this moment.
* In usual circumstances, you shouldn’t jump the gun i.e. take a stand on a matter and
make personal bias in a matter that is not under your jurisdiction. Under normal
circumstances, trust the higher authority to be wise enough and leave the decision in their